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The CERN-JINR Joint Physics Schools

Since 1970, CERN and JINR have been holding joint Schools of Physics attended by young scientists from many countries of the world. Here they not only learn the latest ideas in elementary particle physics but also become involved in a process that leads to better mutual understanding and rapprochment of people from different coutries.

Such schools may seem natural now, but long before the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain collapsed, they provided a unique opportunity for contact between young people from countries with different political systems. This long-standing co-operation between CERN and JINR helps to bridge the gap between East and West and stabilize the political situation.

Former "students" of the first CERN - JINR Schools for young physicists, now a tradition over 25 years old, have grown to be lecturers and professors themselves. They keep up the contacts that started during the lectures and informal discussions typical of the Schools.

Participants in the International CERN-JINR School (1995) visiting the synchrophasotron.

On receiving the "Atom for Peace" Prize in the USA in 1963, the Russian scientist V.I. Veksler said:

"Nature is single. The problems it poses very often have a unique solution at a given stage of science development, and, of course, this solution does not depend on the place where the people try to find it. Perhaps, the time has come when not only in space but also in our terrestrial physics the most fruitful way to gain better insight into the microworld is co-operation of our countries."

Academician V.I .Veksler has given his name to streets in both Dubna and CERN. The synchrophasotron, built under his supervision, still attracts many physicists from all over the world.

Annual European Schools of High Energy Physics, jointly organized by JINR and CERN, ensure not only extensive scientific contacts but also close cultural exchange.

Unusual events are hard to forget; the participants in the 12th International CERN - JINR School of Physics in the Crimean town of Alushta in 1991 took part in a chess tournament where everybody was a winner.

Here, beside the Moscow sea with its picturesque islands, full of mushrooms and berries, the western barbeque is replaced by the traditional Russian "ukha", fish soup fresh from the Volga, mixed with guitar-accompanied songs in different languages.

The photo shows the school organizers S.Tracy (left) and E.Lillestol (with guitar) among the students.

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