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Spin-offs from Research

Politicians have come to realize the necessity of uniting the efforts of scientists. This is clear from the address of the President of Georgia Eduard Shevardnadze to the JINR scientists:

"The idea of collective participation in fundamental research is not only valuable per se. It is another opportunity for harmonious co-operation of representatives of different peoples and scientific schools in the single process of evolution of the world civilization."

V.I. Korogodin discusses the results of investigations with his colleagues from Armenia and Georgia.

For about 20 years radiobiological investigations have been carried out with the unique radiation sources in Dubna. Their goals are to study the regularities of the effects produced by different types of radiation on the cells of bacteria, yeasts, and mammals. Professor V. I. Korogodin, a well known Russian specialist in radiogenetics, following the outstanding Russian biologist N.V. Timofeev-Resovsky, established his own radiobiological school in Dubna which attracts scientists of different generations.

Fruit flies, traditional experimental "objects" for many generations of biologists, are indispensable in a radiobiological laboratory.

Scientists from the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany and their colleagues from Russian radiobiological centres take an active part in these investigations, which were naturally extended to study the mechanisms of the mutagenic and carcinogenic effect of charged particles.

The report of the leading radio-ecologist Professor E. Steinnes, from Norway, aroused great interest among the members of the JINR Scientific Council and leading JINR specialists.

Professor Steinnes cited the data related to nuclear tests on Novaya Zemlya, assessed the radio-ecological situation in the Scandinavian countries after the Chernobyl accident and examined the basic aspects and trends in modern radio-ecology.

In the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics scientists are seen discussing the possible application of methods, used in condensed matter physics, to radio-ecology.

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