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Spin-offs from Research

The purpose of fundamental research in physics is to discover the laws of Nature. The results of this research become available to all mankind, allowing breakthroughs in high technology and in the development of human civilization. Modern physics makes a decisive contribution to such highly important areas as cancer treatment, medical applications of nuclear detectors, computer tomography, World Wide Web, safe nuclear power, and many others.

It is well known that the results of fundamental research can have unexpected and successful applications in different fields of human activity.

A good example is that of nuclear track membranes. These membranes are produced by exposing polymer films to ion beams at isochronous cyclotrons in JINR. They are used in all fields that require reliable and ecologically safe filters; e.g. in medicine and in the food and electronics industries.

It is not surprising that Finnish businessmen readily accepted the proposal of the specialists from JINR's Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions to establish a joint venture for production of household water filters, and that these simple but effective devices are now used in many countries.

About 20 centres throughout the world are currently using charged particle beams to treat tumors, with about the same number of new centres being developed.

The multi-room clinico-physical complex at the converted JINR Phasotron provides great scope for medico-biological experiments and clinical radiotherapy of cancer patients.

1997; The International Symposium "Problems of Biochemistry, Radiation and Space Biology", held in Dubna under the aegis of UNESCO on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the birth of Academician N. Sissakian (1907-1966).

The Symposium discussed the present understanding of radio-biological effects, both terrestrial and in space, and discussed future research trends.

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