Science Bringing Nations Together

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Reconciling Through Science

The unique beams of the LHE accelerator complex attract physicists from France, Germany, Japan, Italy, USA and other countries. Scientists from over 120 institutes carry out experiments here. In 1993/1994 a new superconducting accelerator for relativistic nuclei, the Nuclotron, went into operation at Dubna.

The Laboratory of High Energies, LHE, founded by Academician V.I. Veksler, managed to retain its leading position in relativistic nuclear physics, a new field developed under the supervision of Academician A.M. Baldin.

The Directorate team from DESY (Hamburg) visiting the Nuclotron.

Physicists from Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Russia, and other countries carry out the most advanced nuclear physics experiments here. This facility has aroused great interest from scientists from many countries who participated in the International School-Seminar on Heavy Ion Physics in Dubna in 1993.

The memory of the outstanding scientists, who laid the foundations of JINR, is kept not only in the names of Dubna streets but also in honorary prizes named after them.

The Italian scientist Ugo Amaldi (3rd from the left in the photo) became the first winner of the Bruno Pontecorvo Prize, established by JINR and named after the outstanding physicist who worked in Dubna. Professor Amaldi is a member of the JINR Scientific Council and one of the leaders of the DELPHI experiment, in which Dubna physicists take an active part.

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