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Non Proliferation Through Scientific Cooperation

Joint Call with INTAS

INTAS, the EU-backed International Association for the promotion of co-operation with scientists of the former Soviet Union, has, since 1993, awarded funds to provide scientists of the States of the former Soviet Union with opportunities to apply their talents to research and to promote collaboration between themselves and Western scientists.

CERN had already participated during this time, on a very limited scale, in such undertakings. In 1999, however, a Cooperation Agreement between CERN and INTAS was signed as an expression of CERN's interest in developing this cooperation with particular interest in the development of detectors for the LHC experiments.

CERN and INTAS issued a Joint Call on a basis of co-financing projects. So far, 11 projects related to the LHC programme have been approved by the INTAS Governing Board and are under way.

Mr. Alain Gerard (Executive Director of ISTC), Mrs Alla Godounova and Mr.Yokoyama (Chief Project Agreement Officer) visit an ISTC exhibition at CERN in 1999

CERN ISTC Cooperation

The International Science and Technology Center, ISTC, is an organization which promotes the integration of former Soviet scientists and industry, particularly from the top-secret military sector, into the global R&D infrastructure.

Funded by the European Union, Japan, Russia and the United States, it aims to facilitate the transition from military to civilian research and development in the post cold-war era.

CERN's LHC collaborations highly appreciate the support provided by ISTC through a series of development projects launched with Russian weapon institutions and academic research institutes.

Carbon Wheels for ATLAS partially produced in Perm, Russia, with the help of ISTC

Since the first project, NA48, was approved in 1994, CERN has been involved in 15 further projects in collaboration with ISTC; mostly concerned with R&D for LHC detectors. In July 2000, two major partnership projects for ATLAS and CMS were signed by ISTC and CERN.

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