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JINR and Russia

The collaboration of JINR scientists and specialists with Russian colleagues, large institutes and industrial enterprises of the JINR host country dates back to the founding of the research centre. These fruitful contacts cover virtually all research areas of JINR and largely determine new trends in scientific research. Geographically, JINR co-operation with scientific and educational centres and industry in Russia embraces over 150 organisations and over 40 Russian towns.

A round-table discussion on Science and Technology Co-operation of JINR with Russian Scientific Centres, Universities and Industry took place in Dubna in January 2000. Participating in the meeting were representatives of Russian research centres, universities and industrial enterprises. The participants of the meeting congratulated the Institute's international staff of researchers and engineers on the ratification of the agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and JINR as a Federal Law.
The law will play a positive role in the future development of the Joint Institute and in increasing its attractiveness for the world scientific community.

JINR has always encouraged extensive ties with Russian scientific centres. The discoveries in the field of physics made with the participation of JINR scientists are good evidence of the power of co-operation.

Round-table discussion: Academicians V.A. Matveev (INR, Russia), A.A. Logunov (IHEP, Russia), and A.N. Tavkhelidze (IP, Georgia).

P.A.Cherenkov (PI RAS, Moscow)(left) and I.M. Frank (JINR), Nobel Prize laureates for discovery and explanation of the Vavilov-Cherenkov radiation. In the centre is Academician A.M. Baldin (JINR).

Co-authors of the discovery of spontaneous fission in 235U nuclei: K.A. Petrzhak (V.G. Khlopin Radium Institute, St. Petersburg) and G.N. Flerov (JINR).

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