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Dubna through the Seasons

The young island town is surrounded by the rivers Volga, Dubna and Sestra and by age-old marshlands and mixed forests that grow on morains produced by prehistoric glaciers.

"The friendly international ties that are established among scientists prevent the scorching isolation and chauvinism. Does not fast progress in science depend on co-operation of scientists of all countries, large and small, with their own traditions and peculiarities? Scientists come to realize, to an ever increasing extent, the international character of Science, whose ultimate goal is to discover Truth and serve Humanity." Frederic Joliot-Curie

The Joliot-Curie square in Dubna.

In summer, when the weather is good, Dubna looks like a resort.

Abundant clean reservoirs, forests and fresh air attract lots of people from Moscow.

Indian fellowship holder D. Nadkarni and his wife saw snow for the first time.

Dubna is beautiful in any season.

To be continued

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